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A lapsed Catholic married to a British woman and living in London, in the wake of the sudden death of a friend’s child, has a crisis of faith and is forced to confront the notion of living on earth as a dismal preamble to living in eternity. When Ted Beauchemin is summoned back to America to sort through the belongings of his recently deceased parents, he comes upon a photograph of himself at his first communion and begins a reexamination of his life through the old lens of his abandoned Catholicism. Married to a British woman who grew up in [...]

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Stranger from Across the Sea

As a teenager, Violet O’Halloran spent a summer at a Catholic boarding school in Northern Ireland, emptied of all other students but one: Indira Sharma, a blind girl from India with an extraordinary story. The beautiful but ultimately catastrophic friendship that formed between the two girls would go on to haunt Violet for years. A decade later, Violet meets an Irishman, Emmett Fitzroy, at a party in New York City and is swept into an intense romance that brings her back to Ireland. While there, she unearths the stunning answers to mysteries left unresolved when Indira vanished from her life. [...]

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Sonata in Wax

As the Great War rages, a French pianist sits down to play a breathtakingly original sonata—a piece so strange and inspired that it could change the course of classical music. The moment is captured on wax cylinders, the recording medium of the day. But in the tumult of war the fragile cylinders vanish, and with them the identity of the brilliant composer and the virtuoso pianist. A century later, five timeworn wax cylinders land on the desk of Ben Weil, a revered classical music producer. From the moment he first plays them in his Chicago studio, Ben knows he’s [...]

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