Green City BOOKS


Green City BOOKS is an independent publisher based in Bend, Oregon. We publish original voices that bring new perspectives on culture and art. We publish fiction and nonfiction and create a platform for artistic vision and excellence in the craft of writing. We are readers first, and seek to publish works that inspire us and deserve a broader platform. We are genre agnostic, and listen for the music of language in the books we curate and bring to the public.

About Green City

A sense of place

An ideal place, a utopia, is necessarily imaginary. A city of the mind is not necessarily insubstantial. An imaginary city, a green city, is a place where ideas and artistry thrive and eventually emerge into the real world. A city of the mind can be labyrinthine, overgrown, and mysterious, but at the center there is truth waiting to be revealed. To write is to unfold the topography of the mind in the real world and invite others to explore this terra incognita. The discovery of the unknown, whether through science or the arts, makes life meaningful.


We are open for submissions at this time. Use the contact form to upload a manuscript for review.